Fully Funded DAAD Scholarship Application Process for 2024

If your goal is to pursue higher education in Germany and secure a scholarship, you are in luck. This piece will provide a comprehensive overview of the DAAD scholarship, including its advantages and a step-by-step guide on how to apply.

The DAAD Scholarship for the academic year 2024-2025 is a fully funded opportunity specifically designed for international students. It offers the chance to pursue a master’s or PhD degree at some of the most prestigious universities in Germany. The scholarship provides a monthly allowance of 934 euros for graduate students and 1,200 euros for those pursuing a doctorate.

Highly skilled professionals, who have established connections with global collaborators, play a crucial role in promoting the long-term progress of their nations. They serve as the strongest assurance for a brighter future, characterized by reduced poverty, improved education, and enhanced healthcare for all. Through its postgraduate programs focused on development, the DAAD supports the education of experts from both developed and emerging economies.

The scholarships provide an opportunity for international graduates from developed and newly industrialized nations to pursue a postgraduate or Master’s degree at a German university, which is recognized by the state. In rare cases, they may also have the chance to obtain a doctoral degree and earn a university qualification (Master’s/PhD) in Germany. This opportunity is open to all fields of study.

DAAD Scholarship Application Process

Summary of DAAD Scholarship 2024

    • Study Level: Doctoral (PhD) / Masters
    • University: DAAD
    • Location: Germany
    • Fields of Study: Economics, Law, Agriculture and Forestry, Arts and Design, Engineering and Natural Sciences,, Humanities and Social Sciences, Language and Cultural Studies, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences
  • For a complete list of available Postgraduate Courses, please refer to this document.
    • Program Duration: Between 12 and 36 months, depending on the length of the chosen study program.
    • Deadline for DAAD Scholarship: Varies depending on the chosen study program; please refer to the deadlines here.

Coverage of DAAD Scholarship

The DAAD Scholarship for Masters and PhD in Germany offers the recipient a range of benefits, including:

    • Graduates receive a monthly payment of 934 euros, while doctoral candidates receive 1,200 euros, depending on their academic level.
    • A travel allowance is provided, unless the expenses are already covered by the student’s home country or another funding source.
    • Health, accident, and personal liability insurance are covered by the payments.
    • A one-time study allowance is also included.

In specific situations, individuals who hold scholarships may be eligible to receive the following extra advantages:

    • Subsidy for monthly rent
    • Allowance paid monthly for family members accompanying the main recipient.

Requirements for DAAD Scholarship 2024

In order to qualify for the DAAD Scholarship for Masters and PhD in Germany for the year 2024, candidates are required to fulfill the following requirements:

    • Language Requirements: Fluency in either English or German is necessary.
    • For international programs, the medium of instruction is English. You will need to provide a valid English language proficiency certificate such as TOEFL or IELTS.
    • For other programs, the medium of instruction is German. You will need to provide a valid German language proficiency certificate such as DSH or TestDaF.
    • Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree (usually a four-year program) or a Master’s degree in a relevant field.
    • Applicants must have at least two years of experience.
    • Applicants must demonstrate a strong motivation towards development and show a willingness to take on social responsibilities and inspire and support change in their personal and professional spheres after completing their training/scholarship.

What is the Process for Applying to the DAAD Scholarship 2024?

To be eligible for the DAAD Scholarship for a Master’s and PhD program in Germany, applicants must adhere to the following step-by-step application process:

Necessary Papers for DAAD Scholarship 2024

    • Personally signed CV (please use the sample europass form at http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/) with the current date
    • Personally signed Letter of Motivation (regarding current occupation and choice of postgraduate program(s), maximum two pages) with the current date.
    • IMPORTANT: If applying for more than one postgraduate course (maximum 3 courses), one motivation letter must be submitted explaining the reasons for choosing these specific courses and why they are the priority.
    • Letter of recommendation from current employer; the letter must have company letterhead, a signature, and an official stamp and must be dated (not in a sealed envelope)
    • Certificate(s) of Employment from employer(s) proving a minimum of two years of relevant work experience (after obtaining bachelor’s degree) at the time of application and, if possible, a guarantee of re-employment from current employer upon return home.
    • Proof of Language Skills:
        • English – IELTS or TOEFL (Note: Institutional TOEFL is not accepted)
        • German – Required for courses taught in German
    • Copies of Academic Degrees (certified translation if needed)
    • Copies of Academic Transcripts, including grading scale (certified translation if needed)
    • Applicants from the People’s Republic of China must include an APS Certificate with their application documents.

Important: Certain courses may have additional document requirements. For more details, please refer to the course description in the Brochure or on the respective websites. All applications must be submitted in either English or German to be considered complete.

Procedure for Applying and Selecting DAAD Scholarship: A Step-by-Step Guide

    1. Select courses that align with your interests. (You may apply for up to three courses)
    2. Submit applications to universities that offer those courses.
    3. Send your complete application(s) (including the above mentioned documents) directly to the universities.
    4. A panel of judges will recommend potential recipients for a DAAD scholarship.
    5. DAAD will contact the recommended candidates to submit their complete applications through the DAAD Portal. (The link to the DAAD Portal will be provided via email)
    6. The selection process will be completed, and the recommended candidates will be notified accordingly.

Note: It is essential to have a duplicate of every application document prepared, as they must be uploaded to the DAAD Portal in PDF format if you are recommended for a DAAD scholarship.


For further information on the 2024 DAAD Scholarship for Masters and PhD in Germany, kindly refer to the official website:

Visit the official website for information on scholarships in Germany. The scholarship database contains various funding opportunities for international students, categorized by subject groups. You can filter by status, origin, and intention to find the best scholarship for you.

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What are the eligibility criteria for the DAAD scholarship?

To be eligible for the DAAD scholarship, you must:

  • Be a foreign student from a developing country
  • Have an undergraduate degree with outstanding grades
  • Have a strong interest in social responsibility and development issues
  • Have a clear understanding of development challenges in your home country
  • Have a strong interest in returning home after your studies to contribute to your country’s development
  • Meet the language requirements of the chosen study program (usually German or English language skills)
  • Not have received a DAAD scholarship before

What does the DAAD scholarship cover?

The DAAD scholarship is a full scholarship and covers:

  • Tuition fees: DAAD will pay for your tuition fees directly to the university.
  • Monthly stipend: You will receive a monthly stipend to cover your living expenses in Germany. The stipend amount depends on the city/region.
  • Health insurance: DAAD will pay for your health insurance in Germany.
  • Travel allowance: DAAD will provide a travel allowance to cover your travel to and from Germany at the beginning and end of your studies.

In some cases, DAAD may also provide additional allowances for family or research costs depending on your program of study. The scholarship aims to enable students to fully concentrate on their studies without worrying about finances.

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