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There is a website today that gives you everything you need, so if you have been accepted to an overseas university and are looking for accommodation in the UK, USA or elsewhere, you can utilize. “The home outside the home is called comfort,” someone wisely observed. These days, however, there are tons of great marketplaces online that can help you with any lodging problems.

Student accommodation

The top 10 online markets for finding student accommodation in English-speaking countries are listed below.

At Amberstudent you can locate over 150 cozy rooms in the UK and over 200 in Australia, USA, Ireland, Germany and other countries, all with just one click. They offer a free, 24-hour, hassle-free service to all students, as well as a free cancellation policy. Benefits of this site include easy to use user interface, prompt and courteous customer service, high customer referral rate, online platform for multiple student benefit solutions, free cancellation policy and a large selection of properties. However, scammers are still trying to make Europe their new region of exploitation.

One click on Ocxee will give you access to more than 1.5 million beds near renowned institutions and universities in the UK, UNITED STATES, Canada and Australia. They provide hosting support, which is one of their best offers. Your search for furnished apartments on their site will be facilitated by the availability of millions of possibilities. Plus, they offer 24/7 customer support! help with TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS foreigner is a plus. They are widely accessible and have accommodations in over 130 countries. The downside is that due to the large number of alternatives available, it can be difficult to choose the best one, but don’t worry, a free consultation is offered by experts. offers in addition to pick-up and drop-off services as well as furniture rental services, and works with trusted service providers to money transfers.

A global provider of monthly furnished apartment and room rentals, Nestpick is an online on-demand housing platform. The website makes it easy to browse a variety of furnished student condos, apartments, and dorms. In Berlin, more than 10,000 apartments are available. In London, there are more than 26,000 options, and in Madrid there are around 30,000 options. Finding the pros doesn’t require hours of investigation; it can be done quickly. The trouble of deciding whether your unit will be furnished or vacant will also be avoided. There are disadvantages. Instead of being referred to the website where the hotel is actually displayed, you cannot make a reservation directly through it.

Uniacco offers accommodation in more than ten countries to make life easier for students. Students can compare prices for studios, townhouses, shared apartments, flats, and more. They are required by law to offer services related to student accommodation at no additional cost. The benefits of having access to 24/7 professional support, exclusive cashback and prizes, no deposit required for select properties and property viewing services. Disadvantages include the availability of property viewing services, unique cashback incentives, and no deposit requirements for some properties.

Homelike is in charge of offering more than 100,000 furnished student apartments for rent. On their website, you can buy more than 500 cities at a fair price with just one click. You also have access to it if your stay is only one month. Instant booking, online payment, a filter for pet-friendly properties, and a choice of free, no-deposit cancellation listings are positives. The downside is that they haven’t reached Italy and Portugal yet.

Uniplace, which offers an excellent selection of international student accommodation, is the most popular website in Europe. By using the filters, you can see the rooms at the prices you choose, but the rooms you take only have the most basic amenities. Benefits include an easy-to-use interface, few system requirements for navigation or use, quick customer service responses, heavy usage, and a well-known brand. The downsides are that it’s only available in Europe, various search issues have been encountered or reported (such as slow page loads), there’s little pre-arrival owner engagement and that the cost of service is above average.

You can locate accommodation throughout Europe and its neighboring regions using Spotahome. More than 100 cities, including London and Paris, offer comfortable accommodation. information about which is available on their website. Click on what to access the choices. The advantage is that the process is completely online. Tours were included, rooms and apartments were confirmed, full advertisements had truthful photos, videos and descriptions, payments were secure, fraud was avoided, cancellation policies were responsive and customer service was excellent. The only downsides are that they are only available in Europe and a minimum stay of one month is required.

Roomy is the best option for students who want to share a room in a dorm. On their website you can find out more about the areas near this accommodation. The pleasant and welcoming appearance of the website is influenced by its excellent roommate finding process, quick access to house rules and facilities, 24-hour customer service, live streaming, adorable videos of users and its excellent chat service for new roommates. Disadvantages include Although there are not many cities yet, they seem to be growing rapidly. There are only options for shared life, Facebook profiles are automatically connected, and background checks are expensive.

One such marketplace where students can choose from over a million beds is called With just one click, you can book cozy accommodation in over 400 cities. “Pros” is a large and reliable user base, plenty of filter choices, user-friendly interface, 48-hour security cancellation policy, attractive listings map view, and prompt and polite customer service. Disadvantages include paying service fees to ensure secure bank transfers and having few in-world capabilities.

Unilodgers is an online housing and student accommodation marketplace. Their website is intended to address housing issues that arise with international students. Benefits include efficient live chat service, nice website styling, roommate finder, representative with local expertise, verified listings and fully furnished listings in all listings. Most of the ads seem to be a little more expensive than those on other websites, which is a downside.

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