How to prepare for IELTS at home

How to prepare for IELTS at home

Study abroad planning is always incomplete without the IELTS exam. All international organizations and universities have mandated a IELTS score grant permission to study or work with them. IELTS was launched in 1980, and since then it has been the pinnacle of English proficiency testing. It tests candidates’ speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. The test has been categorized as one that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. But, you don’t have to join specialist courses to work hard on IELTS.

With simple strategies and planned preparation, you can crack the IELTS from the comfort of your home. AEC abroadthe best education consultants abroad in Delhi, India is here to tell you how you can master the four aspects of IELTS test working hard at home.

Tips for preparing for IELTS at home

Reading the IELTS is difficult for those who go into the test blindly. You must know the meaning of a phrase and a word before it appears in a IELTS Reading test. During the preparation, you can take the meaning of difficult words from the Internet or look them up in the dictionary.

IELTS preparation home will be full of mistakes, but it’s up to you to correct them and not repeat the same mistakes. These simple tips will help you perform better on the IELTS reading test:

  1. Skim and scan to formulate a productive habit to quickly get the text zest.
  2. Mark keywords in the reading test to make them the center of attention in the text.
  3. Carefully read the newspaper every day.4. Listen to the news regularly to improve your comprehension skills.

Multitasking is what will get you through the IELTS listening test. The recording in the IELTS listening test is played only once, and it’s up to you to listen to the test, take notes, and get the answers right. All of these tasks must be done simultaneously with pure concentration to get the best score on this test.

Regular practice of listening tests will make your listening skills top notch. With it, you can easily select the correct option from the registration. You should know that the speed of the recordings increases with the test level. Thus, it becomes essential to focus entirely on the recording.

You may miss the answers while listening to recordings. You should keep track of the recording and mark the answer that you think is correct. There is no negative marking, so following your instincts can earn you points. On the other hand, thinking about the missed question and not continuing will cause you to lose concentration for the duration of the test.

Write, write and write again – This is how you achieved the highest group score in the IELTS writing test. If you train hard and start with one IELTS script a day, you will be many folds ahead of your competition. With the following simple tips, you will have a good command of the test:

  1. Practice the word limit: Make sure you are always within the specified word limit when taking the IELTS online test.
  2. Work harder on Test 2: The IELTS Writing Test 2 takes longer than the IELTS Mind Test 1, so invest more practice in Test 2 to make sure you don’t leave any questions behind.
  3. Speed ​​is nothing without precision: always remember that the combination of speed and precision is the right path to better preparation.4. Analyze then write: Analyze the question before writing the answers. This way you could cover all the points written in the task.

The IELTS speaking test consists of testing fluency and pronunciation. You have to practice daily. Please use cue cards to improve your speaking skills. Only with daily practice and constant improvisation will you pass the IELTS speaking test with flying colors. In addition, the following tips will help you get a better score:

  1. Answer the questions loud and clear: Don’t be too humble in answering the question. Your tone should be formal, loud enough for everyone to hear, and the words clearly spoken.
  2. Record, listen and improvise: Record your daily speaking test and listen to it like an examiner. Don’t be biased when you listen. Point out mistakes, work on them, and improvise your speaking skills one test at a time.
  3. Listen to news or series in English: find good news and series in English dealing with polite and sophisticated characters. Notice how they stream the English content on the camera and adapt to their expression. Don’t try to speak like a native as it will ruin your whole personality.

When preparing for IELTS at home, honest and dedicated preparation can help you pass the exam and get great group scores. Preparing for IELTS will familiarize your mind with the test environment and pattern for better understanding. It will also show you the areas of improvement and will surely make you score better. Implementing the aforementioned tips for IELTS test preparation will improve your performance and unlock opportunities like no other.

There is more than one IELTS advantage you can get when you get a good IELTS group score. Here are some of the benefits you will gain by registering for the IELTS exam:

  1. Develop English Language Skills: Preparing for the IELTS exam will help you perfect your English language and the four essential skills associated with it: speaking, writing, reading and listening.
  2. Increased job opportunities: The IELTS certificate is recognized worldwide. All central government bodies, universities and workplaces accept IELTS as the standard test for testing English. 3. Useful at all stages of life: The common misconception that the IELTS test is only for universities is wrong. It is required for visa applications, immigration forms and job applications in many foreign countries.

Steps for IELTS test booking

The IELTS booking process is easier than you think. All you need to do is register online at or visit the nearest IDP branch.

If you are having difficulty registering for the IELTS exam or are having difficulty choosing which IELTS exam mode is best for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. AEC Overseas, the best education consultants in Delhi, India will help you solve all the complexities and simplify the IELTS process. Contact us for more information.

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