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You want to find a home away from home, whether you are new to London or a student planning to study there. You can choose the perfect student accommodation in London with this article.

London is a beautiful place to reside and pursue studies. In the United Kingdom, it serves as the capital. Each year, thousands of students and tourists are welcomed in this dynamic city. Throughout their stay in the city, newcomers face enormous challenges. In fact, they are unable to choose a safe and pleasant place to stay. It must also be affordable. Most visitors want a relaxing environment close to public transport so they can quickly travel around the city and enjoy street food on a budget.

Let’s look at the top 7 best areas to stay in london for the first to arrive.

Starting rent from – £173.00 per week

You have the advantage of discovering the most reasonable price student accommodation in London in Richmond as it is located a bit outside of the city center. The 2500 acre Richmond Park and Riverside area in the Richmond area is well known for attracting huge crowds for Commonwealth activities. The district is also proud of its many other renowned institutions, including the University of Richmond, which is conveniently located near the District line.

Starting rent from – £150.00 per week

Stratford is the place to go if you like sports. A privileged location for student accommodation in London, Stratford is well known for its sporting culture and fan base. You can take advantage of affordable student accommodation. The area is home to many institutions and colleges including Birkbeck University, the University of Stratford, the University of Staffordshire and many more. As a result, the neighborhood is constantly buzzing with students looking to connect and advance their professional experience.

Starting rent from – £183.00 per week

Shoreditch is the best creative accommodation area for students in London. It’s home to Rivington Street, the city’s oldest market, as well as welcoming communities with aesthetically beautiful wall art and vintage goods. In addition to these locations, Shoreditch offers a host of services for students, including proximity to institutions such as the Fashion College London and Guildhall School of Music and Drama, which allows students to benefit cheap student accommodation in london.

Starting rent from – £150.00 per week

Finsbury Park is another affluent student neighborhood that offers plenty of opportunities for young minds to learn and adapt. The University of London and the University of Westminster are the closest universities to Finsbury Park and offer students a lively social scene. Emirates Stadium and Wolkite are just two of the popular attractions in Finsbury Park, which also has a dedicated tube system connecting it to the area.

Starting rent from – £149.00 per week

Modern Central London, also known as London City Centre, offers an ideal living environment for students. Whether in the Camden Market or Bloomsbury areas, you can tell the area is full of fun spots like brunch cafes, food outlets, bars (don’t forget the famous London Pint) and facilities Recreation. In addition to entertainment, the area is home to a number of prestigious institutions, including king of collegean/a UCL.

Starting rent from – £50.54 per week

Spitalfields, an ethnically diverse area of ​​east London that was once a market, is a place where people can live and interact with other cultures. The space was refurbished in 2005 as part of Spitalfields’ revitalization effort, and it currently blocks many of the permanent Victorian-era markets, including Bishop Square and Crispin Place, which feature lots of cheap stalls selling produce created locally (clothing, stationery, food, etc.).

Starting rent from – £143.00 per week

Wembley is a well-known name to aim for. Another lively area of ​​London is known to be quite welcoming to its inhabitants. Due to the large number of Indian residents, the area is sometimes known as “Mini India”. It is in the center of Brent in the City of London.

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