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These short-term, paid, remote work assignments can help you build your resume. It is usually beneficial to have additional experience on your CV because the world is very dynamic and there is always fierce competition. Full-fledged internships and Co-Cop opportunities are highly sought after. However, micro-internships are another option to gain valuable, focused experience in a short time.

What is a micro-internship?

Micro-internships are short-term, project-based work engagements (parallel to internships) in which a candidate can partner with companies and/or alumni on initiatives such as research, data, software development, etc. Micro-internships are an opportunity to gain first-hand training simultaneously while studying. This is a great learning experience that allows students to explore various career paths, develop mentorship connections, and expand their professional network.

Micro-internships are available for students in a variety of fields, including sales, strategy, human resources, research, marketing, operational support, finance, and accounting.

Benefits of pursuing micro internships:

1. These are short-term and manageable stays in collaboration with academics

2. It lets you explore new industries and job opportunities

3. It helps build your job skills

4. It’s an opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of people and businesses

5. You will have at your disposal the opportunity to impress potential recruiters

6. It helps develop a professional network and portfolio

7. It demonstrates your reliability

8. It enhances your overall personality

9. It improves your CV

10. It can get you academic credits

Characteristics of micro-internships

1. Period: Micro-internships generally last two to four weeks and vary from 10 to 35 hours per week, although the duration is adjustable and depends on the type of work.

2. Terms: The terms of these internships are often modular and flexible.

3. Support Resources: Employers and alumni strive to offer additional support and materials that students may need to complete their internship, such as laptops, printers, and internet access. It depends on the nature of the job.

4. Treatment: Micro-internships are often paid positions. If not paid, hosts are responsible for reimbursing local travel expenses incurred by the intern (this should be stated in the contract).

5. Skill: All applicants are eligible for off-campus micro-internships. However, for on-campus opportunities, you should check your institution’s website or contact the placement cell.

6. Academic credits: Employers can then share the information with your college for credit review.

Job shadowing, providing job-related information for effective operation and day-to-day activities of your host organization such as attending meetings and participating in day-to-day conversations or overseeing an assignment or a procedure will generally be your duties while pursuing a micro-internship.

What is the difference between a micro-internship and other hands-on training programs?

1. Micro-internships have flexible and adjustable conditions. However, because the parameters are predetermined, other experiential learning programs are less flexible.

2. Micro-internships are short training opportunities that typically last two to four weeks. Other programs are scheduled for a minimum of 10 weeks.

3. Because micro-internships are assignment-based, there is less supervision. Other programs offer mentoring throughout the internship.

4. Generally, micro-internships are paid positions. However, other experiential opportunities may or may not be paid.

Micro-internships are a fantastic way to boost your resume.

Micro-internships are a great way to add that extra weight to your resume. If you are a student at a foreign university, contact the relevant department to see if you can use it as additional academic credit.

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