Edwise International – Study Abroad Consultants: The Importance of Classroom Participation

To study abroad means starting a whole new life as an international student. Students try to adapt to a new environment, new teaching and new study methods, new classmates, new environment and new people can become worrying until the students fail to socialize with other people. Most of the time, people socialize in classrooms or on campus, so make good use of it.

Active participation in class is an important way to adjust to a new way of life. By communicating in the classroom, students learn to express their views and ideas to other students in a way they can understand. When a student asks questions, he learns to obtain information to intensify his knowledge. Some people are introverted by nature while others lack the confidence to talk to people so easily, so speaking in class can be difficult for many students. This struggle can be explicit in class in many ways, such as not answering questions, not volunteering in an activity, not asking anyone for help, and even not talking to anyone in class. There are many ways to support active participation in the classroom, here are just a few.


Many students become nervous about speaking in front of a crowd of people. To overcome this fear, students need to push themselves and learn to speak in class.

Actively participating in class will help students build their confidence and make them more comfortable speaking in front of a huge crowd. Having the quality to speak in front of people is important in the real world.

Confidence is an important accessory in human life and one should wear it.

Increase attention

Students should interact with the professor and other classmates because listening to a long lecture can cause a person to lose interest. Interacting with the teacher and the classmate will help the classroom environment to be active. Asking questions, dispelling doubts, and debating topics will not make the classroom environment lackluster, but rather help students focus on the lectures. This will in turn help them increase their focus.


Interacting and dispelling doubts with students helps them to engage. Asking students questions or asking students questions will allow other students to think about possible answers and come up with tons of solutions. This leads to analytical ability and development of thinking in students. Thus, class participation will help all students to engage and help them get to know each other better.

Give reviews

Participating in class helps students follow the topics that are discussed. When students begin to pay attention to the class, they naturally begin to reflect and analyze topics and they begin to think about them. When the student’s thoughts are different from those of the teacher or any classmate, the student feels that his thoughts need to be expressed. At that time, they can openly express their opinions. In this competitive world, having our own opinion is necessary to survive. Classroom participation helps students express their opinions without fear.


From raising the issue to expressing opinions with other classmates generate various ideas. These discussions help students understand how different people think. It also helps them to exchange interesting knowledge, facts and information that will help them in the future.

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