Admission requirements, structure and deadlines

Have you always dreamed of studying at Harvard University? Or would you like to experience the classroom culture at Harvard University? Whatever the reason, Harvard University is a popular educational destination for many aspirants. Harvard University is one of the oldest and most renowned colleges in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is celebrated for its eminence in imparting a global and quality education. With its traditional long-winded courses that deliver nothing but shine, Harvard University produces the most accomplished and bubbly graduates, who are also the sharpest and most passionate individuals, truly willing to inspire change in the world. world.

Harvard University is one of the most illustrious and esteemed Ivy League institutions in the entire world. Thus, aspiring to enter Harvard is an ambitious undertaking for many students. The Harvard application process is not as complex as many might think. It is very similar to the application process of most other Ivy leagues and top educational institutions. Read on to learn all about applying to Harvard University, admission requirements for Indian students, and Harvard application deadlines.

Let’s start with, what are the admission requirements to study at Harvard University?

As Harvard University offers a plethora of courses, Harvard University admission requirements vary depending on the course and program you choose. differs. Although the eligibility criteria vary, these are some of the general prerequisites that must be met.

1. Academic Eligibility
An undergraduate degree in a relevant field of study or academic records for the past four years. The admission requirement for academic records requires that you have a minimum of 7+ CGPA, depending on the program you are applying to.

2. Standardized tests
The tests that must be given vary depending on the course you want to take. However, scoring high on your standardized tests is a must for Indian and international students. Having an SAT score of 1500+, a GMAT score of 730+ and a GRE score of 326+ is always recommended, as it is a crucial factor in your application and profile.

3. Fluency in English
And finally, to prove your English proficiency, you must also have an excellent IELTS or 100+ TOEFL score.

4. Letter of recommendation
A letter of recommendation plays an important role in your application as it describes your personality, character, classroom conduct, academic habits, and abilities to the admissions committee. You should get a letter of recommendation from your teachers or professors closer to the Harvard University application deadline.

5. Trials
Your essays should highlight your passions and milestones. Focus on expressing your passion. Write an essay that showcases your strength and projects you as a strong candidate for admission. Harvard University is looking for applicants with the “drive” to excel, so consider your essay your sales pitch.

6. Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular activities are an essential part of your application process. Engage in debates, clubs, competitions, discussions and activities and start working to develop and excel in these skills.

The application form for Harvard University can be viewed through many links on their website such as Common Application, Coalition Application or Universal College Application. Naturally, applications for specific courses (Masters, Undergraduate, Post-Graduate, PhD, etc.) will be tailored to the course. So, just logging into the official Harvard website and logging into the admissions section is extremely helpful as they have listed every detailed aspect of the application and selection process thoroughly and accurately. The student gets an idea of ​​a step-by-step process on how to write a stellar application that is sure to stand out and be recognized by the admissions committee.

Similar to admission requirements, the deadlines for each course at Harvard vary depending on the program you want to take. Some postgraduate courses have a December deadline, while others have January deadlines. However, general deadlines for undergraduate courses are
Early action: November 1
Regular decision: January 1
Scholarship application: February 1

One important thing to keep in mind when writing your application is to present a broad, holistic, and expansive portfolio that adequately reflects your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and additional skills. The Harvard Admissions Committee tries to look beyond quantifiable data and numbers, trying to suss out the person behind those numbers. The overriding aspect is to be as distinctive, striking and impressive as possible, tapping into who you are and the unique talent and potential you bring to the table.

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