5 Great Mykonos Beach Clubs

If your favorite activity on vacation is hitting the beach, lying on the golden sands and listening to the ebb and flow of the turquoise sea lapping the beach, why not step up a level and spend a day at a beach club. Relax on a comfy sunbed in the welcome shade of an awning, have lunch in the club restaurant, and have waiters buy drinks to your bed. No need to pack towels or a picnic, it’s all there for you. Just swing, take a seat, read your book and spend hours in supreme comfort. Here are 5 Mykonos beach clubs that hit the spot.


When nature becomes the inspiration and a group of visionary men come together, magic can happen. It all started in 2003 in a quiet cove of iconic Mykonian beauty. On the beach of Psarou, an embryonic seaside restaurant has emerged and has become legendary. Refined tastes, summer entertainment and the style and atmosphere of the pure Mediterranean spirit came together. A story colored with turquoise, sprinkled with the flavors of the Aegean Sea and scented with the aroma of sophistication, in short Nammos was born and continues to spread its wings.

Nammos departed from Mykonos for a fascinating journey around the world. She has reached deserts, mountain peaks, dreamy coasts, and now aims to bring the light of summer to the streets of a metropolis. Courchevel, Dubai, Riyadh, Cannes, London. Where’s the next one?


Built around a contemporary interpretation of the ancient Greek agora, Scorpios is a gathering place meant to galvanize the artistic, spiritual and social life of its community. On a sunny southern tip of Mykonos, the organic coastal strip is a welcoming place where horizons of blue mingle with yellows, golds and pinks born from the generous Cycladic sun.

The beachfront hideout features a sandy beach, an open-plan restaurant, and a sunset beach for Scorpios musical rituals. Given the popularity of Scorpions, it’s always wise to book ahead.

SC Music is Scorpios’ in-house label, founded with the goal of immortalizing the innate sounds of Scorpios – past, present and future. This is field research to explore how music is and can be more of a multi-sensory experience, with a focus on the synergy between electronics and acoustics.


On the pristine beach of Panormos, Mykonos, Principote is a club like no other: it’s a place where luxury reaches a whole new realm, amidst comfortable elegance and understated service. It is a space to escape worldly opulence and feel uniquely appreciated, relaxed in supreme leisure among tactile and intangible treasures.

Principote is an enchanting appeal to the luxurious summer life of Mykonos, through seaside dining experiences, low-key private VIP relaxations, joyous celebrations, parties, events and bespoke weddings, inundating all the senses with grace. to unparalleled personalized services that blend perfectly.

At Principote absolutely nothing is out of reach. Ensuring the highest standards of excellence in leisure and lifestyle, Principote offers its cherished guests the serenity and security they seek, while creating a unique paradise full of delights with exquisite surprises and services. distinguished, a cut above the rest.


Not exactly the typical Mykonos beach you’d expect, but a haven so authentic you’ll think you’ve landed in Mexico. Drawing inspiration from typical Cycladic architectural elements such as whitewashed houses with smooth edges; dry stone walls that blend into the garrigue landscape; practical and resistant screed floors; and natural reed thatch roof insulation, familiar textures are applied to contemporary organic forms to create a unique character.

To the palace are added the dominant natural conditions of the site: the strong winds which make this beach a paradise for surfers; the scorching midday sun at 40 degrees and the hard, dry rocks of the encroaching landscape. Rather than attempting to block the effects of these natural forces, the design welcomes them, embraces their qualities and turns them to its advantage. The combination of these deliberately designed and natural elements creates a multi-sensory architecture that blends in with the environment, provides a natural and comfortable refuge from the elements and creates an exciting and sociable atmosphere.


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The menu revisits beloved traditional Greek and Mediterranean recipes to produce simple yet intriguing new dishes. The cocktails and musical selection also offer new combinations of favorite ingredients. The architectural design is an extension of the same approach, creating an exciting reinterpretation of tried and tested traditional building techniques.

Alemagou Daytime Sounds are a TripHop sound influenced by Latin American, Cuban and African vibes, followed by more upbeat and rhythmic sounds through the golden hour of sunset into the night.


There is a place. Which is much more than a place. This place is JackieO’ Mykonos. An atmosphere, an aura. A state of mind. Known but unknown. Ordinary but extraordinary. Picturesque but unique. Blue but a thousand shades of blue. Quiet but lively. Lonely but friendly. Who has the taste of the Cyclades but the flavors of the East and the West. Who loves the morning, but falls in love with the evening. See the blue, but see its myriad hues, Hear the sound of the sea, but listen to the thousand summer melodies. Touch the sand, but touch the cotton, the linen, the silk. Taste the cuisine of the Cyclades, but taste the mixture of Eastern and Western flavors. Feel the sea breeze but also feel the breeze of the island, of its people, of its soul. Feel the energy of the day, but also feel the alluring magic of the night. Experience island vibes and a world of its own calling you on a journey into the different, the unknown.

Located at Super Paradise Beach, JackieO’ Mykonos invites you to experience the unexpected! Experience the best sunset on the island at JackieO’ Mykonos Town Bar, under the famous Paraportiani Church.

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